What makes the soul of an artist?

I was asked this question from one of my art students. I instantly felt I had to intellectualise this question and perhaps even cheat by googling! But quite simply the soul of an artist is possessed by anyone, of any age who loves observing the world and wanting to see these observations recreated. Practising artists strive to recreate their perception of the world using a chosen medium such as a watercolour or oil painting, a sculpture, a pen and ink drawing. But the soul of an artist can also be inside someone who has never created anything but loves to study the creations of others. So What makes the soul of an artist? The desire to "see" the world in all its multitude of perceptions. I would ague that if a person has blank walls they don't have the soul of an artist. Anyone else want to have a go at answering this question?
This is my hero Lawrence Lowry who definitely had the soul of an artist.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on anewman@netspace.net.au or phone +61 407 516 522

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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