This is the painting I'm working on at the moment. It has featured on some of my Blogs and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Here is its story.
I have been thinking about doing a series on looking through windows, doors, arches back to the past. Consequently I have taken many photos when on my travels that illustrate this concept. So as an artist I usually start with an idea in my mind and go looking for some images in the world around me to help form the composition of a painting. Of course sometimes I start around the other way from a scene I have photographed.  

Here is the photo that helped me form the idea for "Windows on a Time". Of course I was attracted to the bricks! The photo was taken at Silverton an old mining town a little distance from Broken Hill.

Stage One
Time to draw up the rough composition of the painting. I wanted to show an old wooden town as it might have looked in the mid 1800s.

Stage Ten - Nearing completion  

I know the changes are subtle but this is what happens when you get to the final stages of creating a painting. You fiddle, fiddle, fiddle trying to make it just that little bit better. I'm happy with the composition. I've finalised the colour of the sky and I think it is looking fine. Trying to get a touch more light on the wooden buildings without letting them dominate. I think the sand and bricks are looking okay. I've darkened the old brick wall but will still add a few more highlights. Trying to finish it this week.
Stage Eleven - Finished The painting has been posted in the Latest gallery where you can read the specifications.