Didier Lourenco and his take on Wheel Art

Bicycles in particular have come to have a significant role in Spanish modern culture where the annual cycle race La Vuelta Espana (Tour of Spain) attracts great attention. And Spain has produced many famous cyclists. With this in mind I sought out a modern artist interested in bicycles and found one in Didier Lourenco (1968-) from Barcelona where he began working as an artist at an early age in his father's lithograph studio. Through his own ability and creative perception of the world Didier Lourenco has developed a distinctive style and delightful images as seen in Cruce (Crossing).

He has several paintings (done in oil) on the petals theme which is also featured in the Hero Image.
But most of his works follow this distinctive style. Here we see Encuentro the meeting!
The remaining paintings shown here are at this stage of my searching untitled. But I do hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.
Whilst there are a few of Lourenco's works where the cyclist is alone, in most cases he features a man and a woman. The message is obvious, at least from a Spanish perspective- if you would like some romance in your life- take up cycling. The rest of us will just sit back and watch the Wheel Art!

And speaking of sitting back and watching. This is a very nice drift into my next blog where we will take a seat inside the cafe Els Quatre Gats and meet some famous artists and get to know Pere Romeu (the man on the tandem with Ramon Casas) and what he brought to the cafe.

But before we take our seat in Els Quatre Gats I have just received some correspondence from the subscriber J of Sandringham who has a tale to tell about paintings and sculptures of bicycles. I will let her take over for tomorrow.

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